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3D printing is one of the most innovative and most rapidly developing branches – it is one of the fields of new technologies. It is the technology of the future and use of this technology will be crucial for the employee competitiveness. Although that the technology is just becoming popular, there are no courses, which provide comprehensive presentation of both technology and examples of its application. Course in 3D printing called "3DSPEC course", that will be developed in the project, is an ON-LINE SOLUTION FOR C-VET BY WHICH MASTERING OF 3D PRINTING FOR PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE WILL BE POSSIBLE.

Development of the course on 3D printing technology to be used within Vocational Educational Training Curriculum (C-VET) is the main idea of the project. The course, which covers theoretical problems and practical applications, will create, extend and update the knowledge of adults in the scope of 3D printing. Acquired knowledge and gained skills can be used at present work as well as they can help in retraining.

Development and implementation in the organizations participating in the project the free course extending the theoretical and practical knowledge of teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals in design for industry and health care on 3D printing is the Project objective.

Delivered materials will include information on 3D printing and examples of its practical use in different domains.
The course will base on two components:

  • internet training platform (on-line access to training materials) - will include theory about 3D printing technology as well as possibilities of using 3D printing technology in tasks realized for different professions, presented on the examples taken from different fields and sectors of the market.
  • 3D printing centre enabling 3D printing for demonstration purpose and practical use of this technology by the trainees. Therefore the course will be developed with special attention paid to practical use of acquired knowledge.

Further information: http://3dspec.eu


Fecha de inicio: 01-09-2016
Fecha de finalización: 31-08-2019
Referencia del proyecto: PROY16/0110




The experts in our consortium have expertise in: technical design (KOMAG - machines, systems, devices, DAMATIC - machine parts ), training (SCV, PCKU, IBV, and KOMAG as producer of training materials, systems), solutions for health care (IBV, EXOVITE), solutions for industry (DAMATIC). Therefore they are able to provide professional knowledge as well as to identify needs for use of 3D printing. in their areas of professional activity.

Consortium has also expertise in use of 3D printing (IBV, EXOVITE, PCKU, SCV).

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